Gustavo Vélez: El Ritmo de la Línea: Online

"My sculptures are made of well-balanced, smooth lines, they softly let themselves into space, without disruptions. They are lines that tend to infinity. The mirror-like surfaces of my steel sculptures are intentionally made to show what is around: the sky, the lawns, water. Through my works, I can express a harmonious and romantic feeling that I try to convey to those who look at them" - Gustavo Vélez

The online exhibition Gustavo Vélez: El Ritmo de la Línea reunites some of the most significative pieces concealing Vélez’s artistic metamorphosis from figuratism to figurative abstraction. The assembly of these sculptures reveals three key words in order to deeply understand the Columbian sculptor. Harmony, fluidity and rhytm, characteristics that we notice particularly in the lines of his works.