Katya Leonovich: The New York Series

18 December 2020 - 9 January 2021 DUBAI

“I want to develop another type of beauty, one that allows to deliver a strong message to the world”- Katya Leonovich


“The antidote of the causality of experience”. This is how Katya Leonovich describes her work. The inspiration for her acrylic on canvas is to break society’s expectations and divert from traditional expressions.

Leonovich’s new concept of combining works of art to her background in fashion relates to her idea of creating what she refers to as “moving art”, in other words complete freedom and expression.

Katya Leonovich currently resides in New York, where she spends much of her time painting and designing, always looking ahead for the next wild inspiration that moves her to create and manipulate apparently normal points of view. Leonovich’s New York series are composed of two different parts: “Movements” and “Look Up”. Both are dedicated to the metropolitan city and to the life as such with its flow, speed and heritage.

Installation Views