"Trenta per Trenta: The Infinite Forms of Art" at Oblong Contemporary Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi

Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery is enthusiastic to present a new collective exhibition “Trenta per Trenta: The Infinite Forms of Art” which will be open from August 8 2020 at the Forte dei Marmi Gallery, Italy.

 “Trenta per Trenta. The infinite forms of art" displays ten artists, each in charge of creating a work that responds to 30 x 30 cm measures. A work created by each artist, ten in all, to seal, even in different forms, a lasting pact with collectors, the latter directly involved in Oblong's life for affinity of taste and customs of art.


Emanuela Venturini and Paola Marucci of Oblong, a gallery inaugurated a year ago in Forte dei Marmi, and twinned with the homonymous headquarters created in Dubai (Bluewaters) last October, wanted to launch a friendly challenge, kicking off the summer season with this collective exhibition set up next to Igor Mitoraj's solo show "Essere Mito", organized (until the 20thof September) in the new displays that have been added to the gallery this summer, duplicating the exhibition space.

In order to produce a series of unique works, which will remain in remembrance of a very particular era, they thus brought together some of the artists culturally closest to them, and, in particular, Stefano Bombardieri, Vanni Cuoghi, Roberta Dazzi , Resi Gilardello, Oki Izumi, Tiziana Lorenzelli, Flavio Lucchini, Antonio Nocera, Sonia Quaroni, and Serero Pop Art.


The poetics of each one, expressed thanks to "in a nutshell" works, is an alchemical synthesis of formal, technical and material languages, as well as a triangulation tool useful for fixing the spatial, expressive and emotional relationships that bind together the three engines of the art: precisely, artist, gallery owner and collector.

August 3, 2020