Gianfranco Meggiato's sculpture in Montecarlo


September 2012: Gianfranco Meggiato presents a sculpture, “Sphere Enigma” in Cap Martin Park in Roquebrune, near Montecarlo.


In the occasion of the 2012 Art Bre in Cap Martin, the 6 metres high sculpture in inox steel and bronze was presented to the Prince Albert of Monaco. Subsequently, it was positioned on display in the port.


Gianfranco Meggiato (1963, Venice) builds architectures that are closed, linear, encrypted yet airy, with a powerful sense of movement in the shape, and curiously stable in their spatial incongruity. They appear in fact to declive the eye, which is drawn by the luminosity of the bronze surface and the disturbing depth of the twisting labyrinths, which seem to have no definable start or boundaries.

September 1, 2012