Oblong opens a new location in Florence

A new location of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery opens in Florence to join the Dubai and Forte dei Marmi offices.
Strongly desired by the gallery owner Paola Marucci, who is pouring considerable energy into the growth of the Oblong brand, the opening of Florence goes in the direction of expansion of the brand that wants to consolidate its mission of bridging a cultural exchange between Europe and the Middle East, and with proposals that see the promotion of sculptors and artists chosen for the international collecting market.
"The new headquarters in Florence was born thanks to the commitment of three Florentine entrepreneurs, Patrizio Lari, Jacopo Ciglia and Claudio Lari, who have always been involved in producing and promoting art and beauty. I am particularly happy to have found three partners moved by great enthusiasm for the development of the Florence location and, in particular, for having immediately believed in the potential of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery, already consolidated in the Dubai and Forte offices", Paola Marucci declares.
September 3, 2022