Serero Pop Art


We all wanted, at least for a day, to wear a crown and rule the world. Surely this is the idea behind the French artist Serero Pop Art.


Serero's are digital reworkings, then enriched through the use of resin, beads, sequins, sapphires, diamonds, rubies, acrylics and enamels. The new “crowned” pop icons thus come to life. The artist sheds new light on the famous people of the past, but also of the pre-sent, making them become Kings and Queens. Salvador Dalì, Michael Jackson, Frida Kahlo, Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Pablo Picasso, Brigitte Bardot, Batman, Frankenstein, The Beatles, Elton John, Chanel, Freddie Mercury, Jim Morri-son, are just some of the characters cho-sen by the Italian / French artist to make them Kings and Queens.


The Artist Serero exhibits her works all over the world: New York, Paris, Tokyo, Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona, Venice, Bruges, Milan, Seoul, Beijing and Miami, are just some of the cities in which Serero has made known her art.