Quintessenze: Forte dei Marmi

“Art is a gift, a privilege, it is the interpretation and transformation of everything around me, it is my parallel world, my medicine”  - Stefano Bombardieri

The Italian artist Stefano Bombardieri chooses an anthropological approach to art, despite the representation of wildlife animals as recurrent subjects of his sculptures. Bombardieri chooses artworks where the animal often represents a metaphor, linked to the man and his problems, to the concept of time and its perception. In this sense, he underlines that “the context, the posture and the expression of the subject I select become essential”.


Stefano Bombardieri often uses synthetic materials, such as plastic fibres, resins, but also the more traditional bronze. The artist elaborates with wisdom, and a certain mystery, the forms that he reproduces; the sculptor no longer only dialogues with the formal aspect of the work, which is a significant component but brings into play the irony that characterizes it, as if art had the role, to be heard, of exorcising the truth by smiling.

Bombardieri knows that art is a marginal image, overwhelmed by the thousands of useless images of our dazed everyday life; in this sense, he invents situations, overturns our common sense, undermines the perceptive senses of our gaze.


The personal exhibition of Stefano Bombardieri "Quintessenze" encompasses some of the most renowned subjects of the artist, among which his Rhinos, Gorillas, Elephants and Ostriches.


This winter exhibition displayed in Oblong Forte dei Marmi opens the doors to a space where the man is invited to reflect on important themes connected to the precarious and unstable balance of the human being.