Manu Alguerò - The Art of Explosion: Dubai

Just one day, when I decided to take large canvases and a lot of paint, it happened naturally, and that was when I began to dig into the material and begain to explore how to capture my energy on the canvas, how to embody my mood in a sincere way.

Manu Alguero is Catalan artist, sculptor and fashion designer. Inspired by explosions and energy, Alguerò expresses the beauty of change and new perspectives through his art. He is fascinated by the act of demolition and the emotion, power and resonance of a falling building. Each piece tells a different story about creation and new beginnings.

These central themes of life and new beginnings are expressed in various media, including painting, sculpture and fashion. His art is in permanent collection at Museo Can Framis and Museo Art Contemporani Espais Volart, both in Barcelona; Girona’s Museo Can Mario and Museo Palau Solterra, and Morocco’s Assilah Museum.

He is also recipient of multiple art fair accolades in Tokyo, Oxford and Amsterdam.


This solo exhibition will showcase a selection of 11 abstract paitings. With echoes of American abstract expressionism, Manu Algueró's immense canvases draw us in with their interplay of matter, colour and artist’s gesture in search of visual impact. The large amount of paint used to create multiple textures, shades and reliefs is applied with a spontaneity that is often subsequently scrutinised and modified.  Besides their technical vigour, his works also show the artist's interest in the study of the human face, which is suggested by his highly dramatic unfinished figures.




DATE: 14th of January

TIME: From 7PM to 10PM

ADDRESS: Oblong Contemporary Dubai, R29 Bluewaters Boulevard, Bluewaters Island, Dubai