Manu Alguerò


From the moment Manu Alguero put a pencil to paper, he knew he was destined to be an artist. He was born in Barcelona in 1976 and studied in the Art Academy Mataro. He went on to study Graphic Design in IDEP, Barcelona and Art & Fashion in San Martin, London. Manu knew that the best way to learn was to explore different cultures and interact with the experts in his field. He loved making sketches and exploring his passion, but he had to find something that was unique. He yearned to be part of the artistic world and wanted to stand out. Being just another painter wasn’t going to make him happy, and he continued to search for his true calling.


Manu works with many forms of art, all enveloped by the theme of explosion art. He creates paintings, sculptures, and dresses all with the edgy and vibrant technique that he has worked hard to make his own. To create new painting he uses metallic paint and fireworks, after explosion of the paint on canvas he makes last touch, until last moment Manu doesn’t know what will be the result. Being a part of this new movement in the art world has increased his passion for creating stories through his pieces and sharing the uniqueness of his work. He expresses the origins of life and new beginnings with his art. He takes that memory of the falling building and transforms it into emotion, power, and an unshakeable inspiration to the viewers of what he creates.