Turbolenza Creativa | Giuseppe Veneziano

12 - 23 June 2021 FORTE DEI MARMI

Giuseppe Veneziano's solo exhibition opens the summer season at Oblong Contemporary in Forte dei Marmi. The exhibition will be in conjuction with his public exhibition "The Blue Banana" in the square of Pietrasanta, Italy starting from the 19th of June.


Along the connective tissue dedicated to the great tradition of art, Veneziano makes allusions to news personalities, historical characters, icons of cinema and comics, contemporary actors. It is through the mash-up technique - the same used by many contemporary dee-jays - that Veneziano connects contrasting elements, obtaining images capable of creating unprecedented and surprising visual associations, such as Dante Alighieri - of which this year the 700th anniversary of his death - writing his Divine Comedy on a Macbook laptop. In some of his paintings, Veneziano combines Greek neo-classicism witht the world of fantasy. In others, his love for the Renaissance and Baroque is shown in his re-interpretation of renknowned masterpieces, where he substitutes the subjects of the original paintings, fundamentally changing their stories.  Veneziano further reflects on the relationship between sex and power, represeenting several protagonists of the 20th century political history (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Berlusconi) mating with cartoon heroines and porn-stars.