24 July - 12 August 2021 FORTE DEI MARMI

Oblong Contemporary hosts the solo exhibition of Tiziana Lorenzelli, with the artistic intervention of Agostino Ferrari, in the occasion of the opening of the new exhibition space in Via G. Carducci 45 in Forte dei Marmi.


Tiziana Lorenzelli is an artist born in Lecco who, however, trained at the Milan Polytechnic University and teaches industrial design in Brescia.


The material used by Lorenzelli is 100% Recyclable Aluflexia aluminum. A balance between architecture and pure creative expression is the art experienced by Lorenzelli. Sheets sprinkled with abstract figures, or used as reflective mirrors on which mixtures of acrylic and scratches are mixed, having fun. An imaginative exploration of the material, of what it can suggest by manipulating it and writing messages open to many meanings on its surface. This particular metal foil, light and malleable, allows to create sculptural volumes generated by a flat surface that thanks to the intrinsic shine of the material create plays of light and reflections.

Tiziana Lorenzelli obtained an award winner of the Bronze Medal for the Residential Sustainable Design category at the International Design Award in Los Angeles in 2011 thanks to the creation of a singular vase, also made from aluminum sheets and therefore a synthesis of art and ecology. A real Pandora's box: an unexpected container of stories and new artistic strategies, as happens to any apparently useless, shapeless, recycled object but touched by the right hands..


As architect Lorenzelli reminds that the design project is not absolute and definitive but takes shape through the aesthetic perception of the user, assuming its identity and personality and fulfilling its specific functional requests to contain things; flowers or other: emptiness is designed in Zen terms.