Discovering the Female Universe: From Art to Jewellery

26 - 30 November 2021 DUBAI

Oblong Contemporary Gallery opens the exhibition “Discovering the Female Universe: From Art to Jewellery” in collaboration with the Italian high jewellery brand VESCHETTI from the 26th until the 30th of November.  


A Journey through discovering the binomial between art and high end jewellery, Oblong and VESCHETTI highlight the creative expression and design of the art craft of gemstones in connection with the strong power of innovative female international artists.




Veschetti Jewellery designs exude of all maximalist glamour you would expect for an Italian brand founded in 1949. Inspired by the abundant luxury and unabasched exuberance of the vintage La Dolce Vita aesthetic, their jewels are voluminous, dramatic and timeless. What allows one to achieve such a strong look? A wide variety of gemstones – which spans across the whole spectrum of gemstones, going beyond the “Big Four”. Veschetti loves playing with constrasts and volumes of minerals.

Installation Views