Tano Pisano: Il Meccano


Power to immagination, together with art, poetry and color, this is the "motto" of the eclectic artist Tano Pisano from Sicily, a globetrotter by vocation and a Versilian adopter for some years.


His colorful installations and sculptures invaded Pietrasanta. The new exhibition is called 'Meccano'. This is a union of a major retrospective of artworks created from the late 1960s to today, half of which have never been admired in Italy before.


The exhibition curated by Enrico Mattei opens on Saturday 25 September and will continue until 6 February 2022.


Eight spaces will occupy the numerous works by Tano Pisano that can be admired for the occasion.


On the facade of the Church of Sant'Agostino, which becomes an icon and a reference to the whole project, Pisano intervenes in the two blind arches to the right and left of the entrance door with a site-specific installation whose idea comes from the artist's desire to give vivacity and poetry thanks to the color through his compositional painting. This becomes a sort of "pictorial meccano", a painted wooden grid, which acts as a pictorial abstraction with some of the primary colors typical of Mondrian's geometric shapes, on which Plexiglas panels painted by the artist are anchored (for a total of 8 meters high by 4.40 wide) which in their multitude release the vision of a unique form, a total work of art of a figurative-synthetic matrix that appears at first glance as a sort of pictorial abstraction.


Piazza del Duomo presents the theme of "Meccano" with the setting up of four sculptures that open the exhibition path of this personal as an entrance to the facade of the Church of Sant'Agostino before entering the internal section where you can admire the 360 ​​° experimentation by Tano Pisano. The sculptures in the square will be anchored on blocks of colored marble - made available by CosMaVe (a non-profit consortium for the development of the Versilia marble business) - personally chosen by the artist to give even more prominence to the colorism of his works.


The part of the exhibition inside the church and cloister of Sant’Agostino was conceived as an articulated reasoning on the various experiments of the artist over the course of his life. In particular, inside the church, attention was paid to ceramic sculpture and the theme of the sea, in its various representations. The exhibition is presented as an alternating path between drawings, watercolors, paintings and sculptures in which to admire the sense of creation that leads the artist over time to the conception of his works, the two-dimensional part on the wall acts as an introduction and compendium for the sculptures focusing both on the subjects and on the various artistic techniques used. In the central garden and the side garden of the cloister, again on blocks of colored marble, Tano Pisano continues with the theme of fish (peix in Catalan) with three totemic sculptures in glazed ceramic, steel and iron.


The two internal rooms of the cloister of Sant'Agostino are dedicated to the pictorial activity of Tano Pisano from the end of the 1960s until today, a story told through the decades of his production where some themes will be continuously present but analyzed according to various pictorial traditions , from the Italian painting of the twentieth century by authors such as Morandi, Sironi and Burri, up to the oriental Japanese one. From figurative to abstract and vice versa, a pictorial exercise that becomes poetic experimentation of creating images and forms. Piazza Carducci - The work that will go to the new Piazza Carducci will be a sculpture - a "Christmas Meccano" - which will be positioned around the end November when the Christmas sets and lights will be set up by the Municipality of Pietrasanta. Showcase in Piazza Duomo.


The last location of Tano Pisano's works is the window of Banco BPM in Piazza Duomo in Pietrasanta - conceived and curated by Enrico himself Mattei - which will host a Meccano painting of a tree sculpture that will be in the square.

Ottobre 2, 2021