Antonio Nocera: Il Sogno. Eterno Presente


Antonio Nocera | Il Sogno. Eterno presente

Pietrasanta, 20 June - 20 September 2020


Every human being has his own dreams and the artist Antonio Nocera is ready to welcome us in his most fervent imagination by captivating our gaze, dragging us into a fairy tale world that hits us straight to the heart. From 20 June to 20 September 2020, the Department of Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism is pleased to present the works of the Neapolitan master who, in the spaces of the former municipal pharmacy, where the ancient monastery of San Leone once stood. After all, Tuscany is particularly dear to Nocera who found in Pinocchio, the famous puppet of Collodi, a faithful companion of his many dream journeys.


Through his paintings and bronzes, Nocera introduces us to a fantastic, suspended place, populated by women wrapped in a swirl of graceful butterflies, characters who have escaped from some fairy tale, birds in their warm nest, sheltered from any danger, where everything flows serenely, away from any evil. Therefore, Nocera's dream is transformed into an eternal present and from that dream we remain enraptured, transported into a parallel reality, between moons and craters, flights and acrobatic jumps. A dream that ends up becoming inexorably everyone's dream. The language is so imaginative, nourished by neoclassical tradition, myth and contemporaneity, which cloaks every single work.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Collodi Foundation and is supported by Blasteness, Nero Lifestyle and Palazzo Petrucci.

June 20, 2020