The 12th of September 2020, Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery's artists Pablo Atchugarry, Ferdinando Botero, Jimènez Deredia, Igor Mitoraj and Gustavo Vèlez will participate to the auction house in Pietrasanta curated by Sotheby's. Its funds will be destined to the Versilia's Hospital and to the support of numerous companies and citizens that are struggling following the corona virus crisis. 


Pietrasanta, the historical capital of Versilia, on the Tuscan coast, has an indissoluble link with the art culture. The marbles of the Apuan Alps have always framed its landscapes. It is a natural predisposition dictated by the easy availability of the precious raw material and by the illustrious tradition consequently elaborated in sculptural. A wealth of experiences handed down from generation to generation in generation, up to our days. Sculpture in Pietrasanta is a congenital expression in a reality which sees, side by side, great artists and artisans. A happy marriage to which owed to an international reputation. Attracted by the technical skill of the local workers, artists from all over of the world come to the city to work, nurturing an atmosphere of absolute creative freedom. From Michelangelo in Lipchitz and Botero, Pietrasanta is a unique art space, suspended between the sea and the hills, between history and contemporary languages.


"In the days of deafening silence that fell over our cities, in the days when we had to give up to the invisible and sneaky enemy by locking ourselves in the house, we all felt more aware of how much beauty we were missing. In front of our streets, our deserted squares, including how much sociality is a fundamental component of our existence. Just in those such difficult days we came up with the idea of ​​asking the many artists who gravitate to Pietrasanta, a gesture of closeness, of support, by donating a work to be auctioned to help both to the Versilia Hospital, and to many families and companies in difficulty. And the response was immediate and strong, even moving for the words with which the works arrived. The link demonstrated by many artists with this territory is great and passionate.


Our sincere thanks go to all of them on behalf of every single citizen of Pietrasanta. We understood that we will never be alone, that in every part of the world we have friends ready to come to our rescue, in case of need.

Today we are back to live our city and we are happy to celebrate with this important auction of works of art, promoted with the collaboration of Sotheby's which immediately understood the profound reasons for the event, a beautiful story of generosity, of genuine affection, of absolute closeness to Pietrasanta and Versilia." 

Sen. Massimo MallegniL’Assessore ai Beni, Attività Culturali e Turismo

August 28, 2020