On the occasion of the reopening to the public, the Sinopie Museum of Pisa hosts, until 11 January 2021, three works by the sculptor Igor Mitoraj.

The museum that collects a unique collection in the world, the preparatory drawings of the frescoes of the Pisa Cemetery, was closed for a few months for maintenance work. Mitoraj's art thus returns to dialogue with the monuments and museums of the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, a dialogue that began in 2014 with the great exhibition "Angeli", the last one created while the master was still alive, and continued with the location of the Angel Fallen sculpture at the foot of the Leaning Tower.


Three bronze panels have been exhibited in the Sinopie Museum, they represent the same themes that Mitoraj developed for the portals of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome. One panel depicts Christ carrying the cross engraved directly into the body, the other two depict the scene of the Annunciation, with a young Madonna with her head bowed in front of the Angel of the Lord who spreads his wings.


August 10, 2020