Manolo Valdés' mostra a Rome


Three sculptures in the historic center to give Rome an international flair. For piazza San Silvestro, piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina and piazza della Pilotta, the Campidoglio has chosen the works of Manolo Valdés.


A priviledge for the city, because the artist born in Valencia (but New Yorker by adoption) is making his debut in the capital. He designed one of Siena's palios in 2005, exhibited in Marina di Pietrasanta and more recently in Venice.


Now the Eternal City gives visitors an opportunity to present the exhibition that Palazzo Cipolla will host in via del Corso from October 2020 to January 2021. And, through the three statues placed on the street, it will give Romans and tourists a taste of the exhibition.


What to expect, then? Valdés prefers bronze and marble. But he doesn't have a particular affection for certain materials. He works them, shapes them: "I like to experiment". And so Valdès breaks smooth surfaces with others that have been carved and scratched. As if they had been furrowed by the passage of time. Famous for female portraits, the Spaniard offers sculptures to be interpreted and translated. Because a woman's face can be adorned with a fern bush. Or, as his Mariposas teach, butterflies can fly out of their hats. The viewer's eye is essential, the language that decodes the work from time to time. It also happens while admiring Pamela, another figure who seems to gaze endlessly at the horizon with a gigantic hat.

September 19, 2020