Igor Mitoraj's Museum set to open in Pietrasanta


The first museum entirely dedicated to the artist Igor Mitoraj. After the passing of Mitoraj in 2014, the city of Pietrasanta decides to honour the Polish artist, who was already made an honorary citizen by the municipality in 2001.


The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Municipality of Pietrasanta and the heirs of the sculptor Igor Mitoraj has come together to manage the nascent Mitoraj Museum in Pietrasanta (Lucca).


The artist arrived in Tuscany at the end of the 1970s; it was in Pietrasanta that he had chosen to open a studio, living between Italy and France. The works for the museum that his "adopted city" intends to dedicate to him are about to begin: the opening of the construction site is in fact scheduled for 2021.




March 31, 2021