Giuseppe Veneziano's Blue Banana


A giant blue banana invades one of the most beautiful squares in Tuscany. It is the large sculpture that Giuseppe Veneziano (Mazzarino, 1971), one of the best known and most appreciated Italian neo-pop artists, brings to Piazza del Duomo in Pietrasanta for his new exhibition "The Blue Banana".


The exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of Pietrasanta and curated by Andrea B. Del Guercio, and set up from 20 June to 14 September 2021, was specially conceived for the spaces of Piazza Duomo and the Historic Center and the event will be organized following a path which will involve the public in a game of discoveries and revelations among fourteen monumental works, all born and made in the marble workshops and bronze foundries of Pietrasanta. The title of the entire exhibition applies to the large dimensions of the sculpture that Giuseppe Veneziano brings in front of the Cathedral and alludes to the economic-financial dimension of Western Europe, in which the great political capitals are connected, from London to Frankfurt, from Paris to Brussels. , from Basel to Milan and Turin. Veneziano "draws", in the geography of the Old Continent, a megalopolis, identifying how much the production area has taken the form of a banana recognizable in the "blue" of the European Union. In the work, the economic and political reference merges with the contemporary artistic one, where the banana refers to one of the icons of Andy Warhol's Pop Art, symbol of the famous album cover by Velvet Underground & Nico. The Blue Banana thus summarizes the artistic research of Giuseppe Veneziano, attentive to the representation of the dilemmas that characterize today's society in all its forms (politics, entertainment, customs), but also mindful of the evolutions and paths of art in history.

April 16, 2021