Oblong's Founder x Luxuryproperty.com


Art is one of Dubai's hidden gems - while the city is best known for the artistry of its architecture and incredibly picturesque landmarks, there is an art movement that has been growing and evolving at a rapid pace. Paola Marucci, the co-founder of Italy's Oblong Contemporary Gallery, talks to Luxury Property's podcast section about how the art scene is developing in Dubai, the role Oblong plays in promoting art across the Middle East, the rise of NFTs, and how art forms one of the foundations of the city's future growth.


In this episode, we cover:


- The history and concept of Oblong Contemporary Gallery


- The definition of 'contemporary art', and how Oblong curates works for its collection


- The growth and development of art in Dubai and Oblong's promotion of artistic expression


- How the pandemic affected the global art world


- NFTs and the role they play in the future of art


- Planned exhibitions at Oblong this year, and a continued appreciation of art in all forms


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April 5, 2022