New artworks at Oblong Contemporary: Annalù

The latest addition to Oblong Contemporary's artist is the Italian Annalù. 

Metamorphic shapes, lyrical and evocative architecture characterize the environment in which research moves through the assembly and alchemy of synthetic resins, glass, paper and materials.

In all themes,  the Reverie always vibrates, a sort of analytical deja – vu to hold the dream and featuring water, the movement of esoteric spirals of butterflies in the mandala’s works or books of ice. The artwork it focuses in a sense of passage, of evolution, a kind of journey to different states, different realities with a dynamic balance: a spirit of research which has many aspects in common with alchemy that turns a raw material in another. The artwork tells an expanded time when the form has the value of a mandala and the perception of time is dilated. The natural architecture dematerialize universes in light and intangible, in footprints and memories. A sculpture that is transparency and opacity, apparent fragility structured with strong fiber invisible; disintegration and assembly; matter that it is dismembered and ink which liquefies.

Find Annalù's beautiful artworks in our gallery of Forte dei Marmi!
July 12, 2022