Gustavo Vèlez's studio visit

Gustavo Vélez has been working on new monumental sculptures in his studio and marble laboratory in Pietrasanta, Italy. Starting from a block of marble, the Colombian artist is able to give life to impressive creations characterized by an unique fluidity.

One of the most prominent artists from Medellin, Columbia, Gustavo Vélez sculptural process is the result of the figurative artist’s interpretation, abstracted from the reality of our world. Vélez started acquiring knowledge on the arts in his hometown, then moved to Italy and continued his studies in the Lorenzo De Medici academy of Florence, Italy. He developed, experimented, and mastered his techniques of marble carving in his studio in Pietrasanta, Italy.


Gustavo Vélez is well aware of the paths to sculpting when he engages materials in order to shape his works. For the last twenty years, Vélez has been committed to complex abstract forms in different media.  Distinguishing features of the environment, multiple states of mind, psychological enigmas, pure evolving geometries, and alternate combinations of feelings: these are all sources of inspiration for Vélez, who translates them into abstract creations that help us investigate universal paradigms. His quest for form in matter is akin to the way a poet fashions meaning from the blooming, buzzing confusion of language. Although Vélez works with different materials, he takes special pleasure in sculpting marble.


“The medium I most appreciate and the one with which I coexist from day to day is marble. That is why seventeen years ago, I headed to Pietrasanta after completing my training in Florence. I am passionate about sculpting marble, about extracting that lie within it.”

Walk with us through the amazing creations of Gustavo Vélez.
September 3, 2022