Gianfranco Meggiato in "Giardino dell'Arte"

The new garden "Il Giardino dell'Arte" next to Piazza Mazzini, and overlooking the seaside of Viareggio inaugurated through a ribbon cutting by the Municipality of Viareggio, including the Mayor Giorgio del Ghingaro and the entire city council.
The newly opened space, that was previously occupied by ruins, has now been renovated and will host sculptures by internationally renowned artists. To inaugurate the first series of open-air exhibitions, Gianfranco Maggiato participated to the opening thanks to the collaboration with Oblong Contemporary Gallery, which is a partner of the City of Viareggio in setting up the new public space.
Paola Marucci, the founder of Oblong Contemporary Gallery, comments: “Participating in this new urban vision of the city of Viareggio is an important task for us. Intervening in a public space, in a city like Viareggio, born with an extraordinarily twentieth-century architectural imprint with its magnificent Art Nouveau buildings, rich of history and crossed over time by artistic and literary circles which included figures such as Giacomo Puccini, Enrico Pea, Mario Tobino, Leone Tommasi, Lorenzo Viani, required a careful evaluation of the artist and the works to be installed."
She adds "Gianfranco Meggiato, with his sculptures inspired precisely by the twentieth century and by the great masters of art from Brancusi to Calder to Moore, has responded to the need to bring great international contemporary art to a place deeply steeped in history, culture and art such as Viareggio ".
Мая 13, 2023