Yinon Gal-on


"Over the years, I have documented underwater emotions, thoughts and dreams of hundreds of people and have learnt that water has the power of acceptance and healing. The truth floats in the water and sets you free".


Yinon Gal-On, a young Israeli photographer, is investigating the space between Physical presence and the Metaphysical, between the Breath (“Neshima”) and the Soul (“Neshama”). Under water Gal-On is trying to capture with his camera the deepest thoughts, memories, pain and pleasure, which exist beyond the visual or the tangible. Notions and emotions which take your breath away, before they form into words.

 Gal-On dives with his photographic subjects into their deepest thoughts and often silenced trauma, and manages to document it for them. It is a mutual and collaborative healing process for both the artist and the photographed, a journey they go through together, not knowing what it shall reveal. The process of art making is being suggested as a process of healing. Gal-On’s work is rooted in his own search for self-discovery, since his first underwater photographs were taken as early as at the age of seven, it has evolved as part of his growing and being.


Yinon has participated to important initiatives, such as an Israeli social campaign for the Ministry of Education, and to the SweetArt group exhibition at the Nahum Gutman Museum of Art of Tel Aviv in 2019, and the display of his photographs at Saatchi Gallery in London in 2017.