Antonio Signorini


Antonio Signorini (born in Pisa on 26 April 1971) is a contemporary Italian artist whose work includes sculpture, painting and monumental art. Signorini's interest in art has followed him all his life and is not limited to one specific aspect of it. He started out by directing a production and design team in 1990 in Milan experimenting with various contemporary materials. He spent the years 2001 to 2003 in Florence, where he made bronze and ceramic sculptures using both traditional and modern techniques. He studied and investigated ancient civilizations in the prehistoric form of art.


In 2003, he moved to London where he would then live and work for the next 14 years of his life. He eventually started a historical and artistic evaluation of the city of London which lead to his interest in monumental art. Signorini developed a method of working with architectural projects - intervening at the structural stage to ensure that art was incorporated at all levels. The artist has exhibited in numerous cities, such as Venice, Pietrasanta, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Lebanon, Dubai.


He now lives in Dubai working on ancient remnants of civilizations in contrast to ultra-modern architectural complexes. The Middle East allowed him to explore urban spaces both in public and private domains eventually giving his works a chance to be displayed in both domains in Middle East and Europe.