26 June - 31 August 2021 FORTE DEI MARMI

Antonio Signorini's sculptural subjects "Warriors", "Dancers" and "Flying Horses" become the protagonist of the exhibition "Art à la Plage" organized by Oblong Contemporary at the beach club Maitò of Forte dei Marmi.


The idea of ​​placing works of art on the beautiful beach of Forte dei Marmi stems from the dialogue that the town has always had with matter. "Forte dei Marmi" takes its name from the combination of the two main features, the fort and obviously the marble.


The idea of ​​placing Antonio Signorini's sculptures on the beach represents a challenge that our gallery, in collaboration with the concessionaires of the Maitó beach club, wanted to offer the community of Forte dei Marmi and the tourist community, who both enjoy the benefits of art. We decided to launch a wide-ranging cultural message that combines the history and culture of the land of VERSILIA in an ideal dialogue, which in Forte dei Marmi has one of its greatest expressions.


Let's take a dive into the sculptures of Antonio Signorini:


The Warriors are strong, modern and essential. Their clean lines create balance and movement and they are all designed in dynamic poses - running, hunting, jumping. This collection was created as an artist's journey and as a metaphor for human life which is a journey in itself.


The Dancers are in motion, they go against the natural, they dance, they fly, they have an almost impossible balance, they defy the known and the force of gravity. In fact, there is no gravity but strength, beauty, faith in the future, not concern but care for what is needed. Signorini was inspired by a research on Paleolithical rupestrian drawings that started in 2003. 

THE FLYING HORSES is where Signorini focuses his attention on balance. Each horse is in an impossible balance, supported only by almost non-existent support points. This was one of the most difficult engineering problems to tackle: how to make something that is naturally extremely heavy seem very light: bronze. The patina is also part of a unique exploration. These horses not only fly over the earth: they are flying from the stars and are burned on the way - but not even the fire can stop their perennial flight. That is why the patina is darker on their chest and gradually becomes lighter on the back. This effect is achieved through a very long and difficult process, using open flame and acids.



Installation Views