In order to definitively overcome the dimension of the work and invade reality, Omar Ludo looks at two great masters such as Agostino Bonalumi and Enrico Castellani. In fact, he refers to the concept of an extroverted canvas, in order to create the new perceptual stimulus through a work in relief and the related plays of shadows produced on the surface. As for the color, Ludo sticks to monochrome like the two great masters. Rather, it is in the conception of extroflection that Ludo finds his own stylistic code. In fact Ludo rejects the rationality and rigorous geometry that underlies the works of Bonalumi and Castellani and instead favors a more casual arrangement of the swellings. In this way, the extroflexion is freed from rigid grids and takes on a more organic, almost biological aspect.

Omar Ludo was born in 1953 and graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padua. He began working on the design of some of the most important road arteries in Italy. Later, not satisfied with his profession, he embarks on an artistic path that will lead him first to create engraved and illuminated canvases and, later, to conceive the extroflections. Omar Ludo has participated in many reviews, including international ones. His works are kept at the Italian Embassy and the International Cross-Country Cross in the Principality of Monaco, in the Consulate General of Italy in Nice, at Villa Strehler in Lugano and at Bartoli's Gallery in London.