Michelangelo Bastiani

Michelangelo Bastiani uses technology in his representations of water to illustrate its dynamic nature and facilitate a direct connection and tangible interaction with the viewer. He develops hologram installations and interactive video projections on LED screens exploring the theme of liquidness, with water representing the constantly changing intrinsic nature of art.

Michelangelo Bastiani graduated first from Florence’s Art Institute and later from the Academy of Fine Arts, where he majored in painting and photography under Maestro Gustavo Giulietti. He lived in California and New York before returning to Tuscany, and has held critically-acclaimed exhibitions in the Italian cities of Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan, Capri, and Pietrasanta, and internationally in Paris, London, Munich, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Kiev, and Oslo. In the United States, Bastiani has exhibited, New York, Miami, Palm Beach, Hamptons, Boca Raton, Houston, Austin, Dallas. He also exhibited at Saatchi Gallery in London and Mana Contemporary Museum in Jersey City.