Gil Bruvel

Born in Australia but raised in the south of France, Gil Bruvel is a visionary artist, capable of translating complex ideas and fleeting impressions into stunning works of art. His art emerges from a deep contemplation of images, emotions, and sensations, which he refines continually before he casts them into material form.
Bruvel’s work displays a mastery of technique and high-level craftsmanship. He moves through a wide range of media and forms with ease. His sculptures in bronze, wood, and stainless steel, as well as his functional furniture and mixed media, all reflect a well-defined move towards three-dimensional representation. The influence of architects such as Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, and Lebbeus Woods is present in many of his pieces. 
Many themes that define Bruvel’s work culminate in his most recent series, "Bending the Lines". At first glance, we recognize the ever-prevailing human form but are instantly transfixed by the thousands of wooden shafts that comprise the work. The pixelated outlines mimic our complex neural pathways, while his use of gradient color reinforces our minds’ interconnectedness. The wood is charred to show the impact of natural phenomena on the physical form and its inherently transient nature, which is transformed by the passage of time, revealing further patterns and detail. 
Bruvel has resided in and maintained his workshop in Wimberley, Texas since 2010, and he is represented by a host of galleries worldwide.