Gustavo Vélez was born in 1975 in Medellin, Colombia. 


Vélez started acquiring knowledge on the arts in his hometown, then moved to Italy and continued his studies in the Lorenzo de Medici Academy of Florence, Italy. He developed, experimented and mastered his techniques of marble carving in his studio in Pietrasanta (Italy).


Gustavo Vélez sculptural process is the result of the figurative artist’s interpretation, abstracted from the reality of our world. Vélez transforms the matter into works that play between the figurative and the conceptual, between forms easily identifiable and others more abstract, full of movement, light, shadow and search of the infinite. 


Entwining elegant lines, the thin, light sculptures depict Vélez’s particular way of creating tri-dimensional shapes. From every angle, their forms are seamless and lines, dynamic; their shapes change when light changes, giving the spectator an infinite, pleasant possibility of viewing the pieces.


He has exhibited his artworks throughout Asia, where the essence of his sculpture found a great admiration after several personal exhibitions and art fairs in Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Iwaki. In China, he exhibited at the Zhengzhou Art Museum in Guan Xiang and in Korea with a monumental installation at the Art sculpture park of Seoul.


His monumental sculptures in marble, bronze and steel are in museums in Ecuador and Colombia: Archaeological Museum and Contemporary Guayaquil, Museum of Modern Art in Cuenca, Museum of Modern Art in Quito and Art Museum Tolima.