Deredia in Genova: La Sfera tra i Due Mondi


Genoa is transformed into a setting for the great sculptures of the Costa Rican artist Jiménez Deredia (Heredia, 1954), who becomes a powerful sign in the urban landscape of Genoese autumn, from the Brignole station to the Porto Antico.


8 major works, of which 7 unpublished, with the characteristic circular and oval shapes recurring in the artist's sculptural imagery, will accompany the viewer on a fluid and harmonious journey through the urban fabric of the city.


The city of Genoa, with its culture and history, offers itself as an ideal setting for presenting the sculpture of the Costa Rican artist, but rooted in Liguria, Jiménez Deredia. The recurring circular and oval shapes in his sculptural imagery accompany the viewer on a fluid and harmonious path through the urban fabric.


"Evolucion", which will be exhibited in Piazza De Ferrari, is the largest work created by the artist, and was previously exhibited only once, in Mexico City in 2015.

Jiménez Deredia recovers the sphere as a symbol that awakens ancestral values, it alludes to transformation, it is a shadow that turns into light. Sphericity for Deredia is therefore not a static element; on the contrary, it indicates a path, a process, a journey: that of the man who begins the understanding of his own being and of the elements that live within each of us. For Deredia we are all a breath of life that travels around a blazing sun in the immensity of space. We are the spirit that knows to help with its existence to fulfill the destiny of the universe. We are the cosmic consciousness of being: stardust in transmutation.

Jiménez Deredia is one of the most important contemporary artists in Latin America, but has lived in Liguria since 1976. The exhibition project “Deredia in Genoa - The sphere between two worlds” is therefore the result of a deep bond between the master Deredia and the Ligurian territory, which adopted him more than forty years ago.

The artworks: 

PAREJA (Bronze) - at Brignole Station

EVOLUCION (Bronze) - Piazza De Ferrari

ARRULLO (Bronze) - Palazzo Ducale

CONTINUACION (Bronze) - Piazza Matteotti

ENCANTO (Marble) - Old Port

REFUGIO (Marble) - Porto Antico

CREPUSCULO (Bronze) - Porto Antico

THE JOURNEY (Marble) - Porto Antico


At each installation, the viewer will have a map of the entire route at their disposal, to be able to easily move around the city and find the different stages of this journey in the artist's work.


September 2, 2020