"The Dancers" by Antonio Signorini


The series "The Dancers" by the Italian artist Antonio Singorini are displayed in Oblong Contemporary Dubai.


Antonio Signorini started an in-depth study of primitive art in 2003. In particular, he focused on the Libyan, Saudi and Iraqi caves and findings within them. Then, the discovery of new caves in Europe led Signorini to develop his research further and to work towards recreating the rupestrian drawings he saw in these caves into sculptural form - a modern day creation to connect people with their past.


As his research widened, Antonio became further acquainted with findings in the Mesopotamian region and this inspired him to create The Warriors, one of his most compelling collections. This series is inspired, influenced, and dedicated to the Paleolithic prehistoric period. The first warrior was inspired from drawings in the caves of Saharan Libya, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and regions within Algeria; the other warriors developed one after the other like a memory of his own past, like an ancient tale that was turning into life through his art connecting all humanity together


"The inspiration comes from far away, from the rupestrian drawings of the various areas of the world, where the ancients felt the need of writing, of telling their own experience. Like them, pushed by the necessity to write, aware that the passage on earth is so quick, I tried to give my contribution to the process of the infinity. I strongly believe that life is a great painting in constant change, infinite, where each one with its own passage has to add a brush stroke of color, a shade, a note. The WARRIORS are in movement, they go against nature, they dance, they fly, they have an almost impossible balance, they defy the known and the force of gravity. In fact, there is no gravity but force, beauty, faith in the future, not concern, but care for what is needed. This is the aim of art, of life. Operate for the infinite, not thinking about today but about the continuity, about the infinity."


February 22, 2021