Stefano Bombardieri at the Erarta Museum

Saint Petersburg

Oblong is enthusiastic to announce the upcoming exhibition of Stefano Bombardieri "The Kid and the Elephant" at the Erarta Museum of Saint Petersburg, planned to open on the 22nd of April 2021.


This is the first time that the artist exhibits in Russia. The museum's halls are transformed in a new environment filled with wildlife animals. 


Stefano Bombardieri creates voluminous and surprising life-size sculptures, crystallized in the immobility of their mass, icons of a time and a space that redefine their boundaries, freeing themselves from the obviousness of common sense. Thanks to a strong mastery in the use of extremely ductile materials such as fiberglass, his sculptures are absolutely credible, they have the appearance of realistic detail, of plastic perfection; yet this very blatant truth of theirs, their seeming truer than truth makes them appear surreal, even disturbing.


April 22, 2021