Stefano Bombardieri in Piazza della Vittoria


The monumental version of “Il Peso del Tempo Sospeso” by Stefano Bombardieri has been placed in Piazza della Vittoria of Brescia.


This artworks talks about a human condition and of a state of mind. The concept of this sculpture, conceived almost 20 years ago, remains very contemporary, especially in such period where Covid-19 has raised in us a feeling of uncertainty and has created a void in our lives. The perception of time changes as we mutate the perception of our lifestyle and our relationship with others. The rhino becomes the metaphor of the weight upon us: the animal hung in its slanging position emphasises the temporary detachment from our habits and certainties.

The rhino becomes us: we are hanging, constrained and blocked, however, always ready to step back on the ground.


Born in 1968 in Brescia, Bombardieri - son of the sculptor Remo Bombardieri - combines his artistic studies with his father's studio from an early age. Alongside the creation of figurative sculptures, mostly "monumental" and therefore large, he creates works related to poor art, conceptual art and video installations. Among his best-known exhibitions certainly "The animals count down". 

March 30, 2021