"Marta e l'Elefante" has travelled places...


Many tourists of Capri have been pleasantly surprised by a huge elephant lifted by a small child. This is one of the most emblematic sculptures of the Italian artist Stefano Bombardieri, who employs figures of wildlife animals in resin and bronze to express conceptual and philosophical concepts connected to the man and its emotions, the time and its perception. 


Set up in the center of Capri, close to Piazza Umberto I, the sculpture has become the attraction of the place: between photos, videos and selfies, the mega installation of resin and iron structure has become a real mascot of the island.


"Marta e l'Elefante" invites us to rediscover the child who hides in each of us. The strength that we can find in purity and simplicity, which only a child can suggest to us, can allow us to accomplish apparently impossible things like lifting an elephant. The work speaks of man but at the same time invites us to respect nature and animals, whose survival is closely linked to ours.

The tender, but very actual message of Bombardieri, has been appreciated worldwide. Bombardieri has numerous collectors in Lebanon, Dubai, Instanbul, Swizterland, Italy, Germany, England, Greece, among others, who deeply and genuinly appreciate the symbolism behind his works.


Even more interestingly is to discover the places where "Marta e l'Elefante" has been exhibited. Capri, The Four Season in Florence, the Italian town of Sarezzo, the Venissa Wine Resort in Burano, the Giardini of Marinaressa of Venice.


Where will we find the monumental sculpture of "Marta e l'Elefante" next?

August 15, 2018