Dynowish in Piazza SS. Annunziata


From this morning, Tuesday 1 June, a new installation has attracted the attention of art lovers, tourists and spectators passing through Piazza SS. Annunziata. A monumental sculpture, Dynowish, created by the artist Antonio Signorini for the Dynowish Foundation association. Its positioning was symbolically inaugurated by representatives of the Dynowish Foundation, by the artist, by the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Florence, Tommaso Sacchi, and by the leaders of the Istituto degli Innocenti. The project, sponsored by the Municipality of Florence and the Istituto degli Innocenti, is carried out thanks to the Dynowish Foundation international charity with the aim of bringing a little imagination and dreams to this square which has been dedicated for centuries to welcoming and promoting children's rights. Dynowish Foundation, born on the initiative of Paola Miriam Visconti, aims to help children to pursue their dreams and to keep alive those of those who have abandoned them by contributing to the improvement and development of philanthropic and charitable initiatives. In addition to the Dynowish installation in piazza SS. Annunziata will also create a book, written by Paola Miriam Visconti and published by the Giunti publishing house, "DYNOWISH and the true story of abandoned dreams", which tells the adventure of Dynowish and two children who, through daring adventures, manage to free the abandoned dreams of young and old. The story, addressed to children, is also a stimulus for everyone not to forget what they believe in and to pursue their dreams. An important message, especially at this time, which has tested everyone. The various initiatives to follow include a charity dinner that will finance the activities of the Istituto degli Innocenti and some charitable activities that will accompany Dynowish among the children of Florence to the Serre Torrigiani where Dynowish will tell his story and other initiatives in the city and for the city. The statue and its story are in fact traveling. They leave from Florence and then go to Munich, London, Moscow, Abu Dhabi and Beirut. A project that wants to speak to everyone: to children who with their dreams and their energy have always been a stimulus for new creativity and joy and to adults who, in their daily journey, full of commitments and difficulties, often forget the essential and they abandon what is most important to them.


"It is an honor and a privilege for our Foundation to be present in Florence and to be able to collaborate with an institution as important as the Istituto degli Innocenti" says Dr. Paola Miriam Visconti President of the Dynowish Foundation and continues: "the availability and enthusiasm shown by all the people of the Institute and by the Municipality of Florence by welcoming and working hard on the project made this cultural and beneficial initiative possible. Dynowish, with its message of hope, becomes, in this difficult year, a sign of faith and rebirth for Florence and for the world ”.


Antonio Signorini, the artist who created and created the work entirely in Florence declares: "This work is a tribute to memory, to dreams. When anything is a first time, when to discover the world is a constant question. This for me is Dinowish: a drive to find the childhood memory that lives with us always".

June 1, 2021