"Marta e l'Elefante" in Villa Bertelli

The exhibition "Bombardieri e Altri Animali" , organized by the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi and by Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery of Dubai and Forte dei Marmi, in collaboration with Villa Bertelli curated by Luca Beatrice, which turned out to be the exhibition event of the spring and summer. The exhibition achieved considerable success, with wide acclaim and a positive and engaging welcome from all the public, even the youngest, who were able to interact freely with the beauty of art in a constructive dialogue.
In particular, the work Marta and the Elephant positioned in Piazza del Fortino, object of countless visits and of great admiration, will remain in Forte dei Marmi and will be moved for the entire sumemr season in Villa Bertelli. This initiative was highly appreciated by the Municipality of Forte Dei Marmi and its Mayor, Bruno Murzi, who declares: “Forte dei Marmi proved to be a perfect setting for the monumental works of Maestro Stefano Bombardieri, to whom I extend a warm greeting. Of great emotional impact, they have aroused keen interest among visitors, even occasionally arousing a curious interaction between children who are surprised to try to dialogue with the artist's sculptures, demonstrating a positive integration of the artistic project with the territorial context "
Paola Marucci of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery who organized the exhibition affirms: "The exhibition by Stefano Bombardieri closes with great satisfaction. The success of this exhibition has also materialized in the virtual world, more than two thousand accesses have been registered on our website to learn about the exhibition, even more presences on Instagram. The work Marta and the elephant was instagrammed daily, thus constantly leading to an exponential growth in the visibility of Forte dei Marmi and the exhibition itself "
August 29, 2022