The studio of Stefano Bombardieri

Our last visit at Stefano Bombardieri’s studio has been a lovely experience. Life-size Rhinos, elephants, and sumos are the real protagonists in the suggestive place where Bombardieri keeps his pieces in resin.  
Born in 1968 in Brescia, Bombardieri spent part of his childhood in his father's workshop, himself a sculptor, where he experimented the use of artistic techniques and materials by developing highly original applications. Bombardieri has always been interested in all forms of art from the world of design to applied art, creating artworks based on a philosophical approach of pain, time and perception in Western culture. His work is based on an inner search of the concept of aesthetics, related to the hyperrealist movement. Bombardieri has described his work as both minimal and conceptual, featuring a great mix of tools and artistic mediums, such as video-installation. His sculptures are entirely credible and have an absolutely realistic presence and carefully rendered details, plastic perfection of resemblance in a balanced stylistic complacency. And yet, it is their "truth" itself, their lifelike appearance that makes them surreal or disturbing.


Rhinos, as well as all his other topics, allow the alchemy and address the relationship between reality and fiction, life and imagination, and the wider concept of artistic language.

Walk with us through the monumental sculptures of the Master!
September 3, 2022