Seduzioni Esplosive

17 August - 30 October 2021 FORTE DEI MARMI

Manu Algueró presents his explosive artworks for the first time in Forte dei Marmi from the 17th of August until the 30th of September on the occasion of his personal exhibition at Oblong Contemporary. 


From the moment Manu put a pencil to paper, he knew he was destined to be an artist. Born in Barcelona in 1976 and Manu studied in the Art Academy Mataro. He went on to study Graphic Design in IDEP, Barcelona and Art & Fashion in San Martin, London. Manu knew that the best way to learn was to explore different cultures and interact with the experts in his field. He loved making sketches and exploring his passion, but he had to find something that was unique. He yearned to be part of the artistic world and wanted to stand out. Being just another painter wasn’t going to make him happy, and he continued to search for his true calling.


This is how Algueró found a unique approach to art: he investigates the destruction as the creation of something new, therefore as a sort of rebirth. He uses a mix of esplosives that rush paint directly onto the canvases. Finally, he adds a final touch focusing on the study of human features. His art was deeply inspired by the memory of the family's business in the demolition industry. 


Manu affirms that people may view destruction as a negative thing but he reminds us that in order to build something new, you first need to get rid of the old. "The same applies when starting a new life — you have to get rid the old ways of living to start fresh.” 


The art of Algueró is a self-discovery process: he paints what belongs to and inspires his inner world, describing his emotions of happiness, sadness, joy and sorrow. 






Installation Views