Valerie Breuleux


Valérie Breuleux is a French painter, photographer, born in Nice in 1968.  She trained at Villa Arson in the 1980s. After participating to several exhibitions, she received in 2005 the Monaco international prize of plastic art of UNESCO. In 2008 she exhibited at the Centre of Modern Art of Faenza, and she participated to the Venice Biennale of Beijing and the universal expo of Shangai. In 2017, she obtained the prix du salon AIAP of Monaco.


Her work is the result of a creative process where photography serves painting and vice versa. Her strange portraits, of a unique, almost disturbing sensuality, serve the field of investigation of the physical and psychic identity territory. Feelings, sexual liberation, the search for the feminine self fuel a singular creativity that is part of the inexhaustible play of identities, in countless emotional states.