Cveto Marsic


Slovenian artist Cveto Marsic produces canvas that bring the artworks back to the colour; the colour is seen as an absolute way to comunicate and to relay its own identity. An intense light embraces the material of his artworks, vibrant hues of red, interrupted by bright white and yellow tones and the pink or the cosmic black are giving life to the whole piece. Works of large dimensions with a strong emotional impact, canvas which hardly manage to keep the strength of a destroyed matter now reshaped by obsessed and chaotic movements of feet and hands, these are the art pieces of Marsic.


In recent years, many foundations and contemporary art museums have acquired works by Cveto Marsic for public collections. In 1998 Maria Corral (director of the Fundación Caixa) and Dan Cameron (curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York) acquired a large canvas for the collection of the Fundación Arco in Madrid. Later other museums - the Museum of Contemporary Art of Tenerife (IODACC), the Museu d'Art Contemporani of Palma de Mallorca, the Coleccion Esences of Barcelona, ​​the Museum of Modern Art of Rijeka have enriched their collection with canvases by the Slovenian artist. Monographic volumes have been published by the Centro Cultural de Cascais (Portugal) and by Edizioni Cajastur (Gjion / Spain) for the two personal exhibitions in their respective contemporary art museums in the city. Recently the directors of the Dublin and St. Etienne Museum of Contemporary Art have acquired his canvases for the art fund of the European Community.