Giorgetti walks with art 2022: MILAN

29 March - 8 April 2022

On the occasion of Milan Art Week, Giorgetti presents, in the Atelier in via Serbelloni, an exhibition in collaboration with Oblong Contemporary Gallery and unveils a preview of two new products from the 2022 collection.


The ability to dialogue with different worlds, to open up to new suggestions following trajectories often far from conventional paths, represents Giorgetti's stylist code. A vision that is nourished by creative contaminations and which, on the occasion of Milan Art Week, opens the doors to a new collaboration with the world of art.


On the wall in front of the two armchairs, the DOMUS system designed by Carlo Colombo on which stands a gold maquette by the artist Flavio Lucchini, whose sculptures in iron, steel, brass and other materials that represent witty reflections on life on the border between fashion and art , where the two disciplines overlap, and enigmatic works in which human features are entrusted by evocation to a stylized face, animate the different rooms of the atelier from the kitchen, to the dining room, passing through the two living rooms, up to the sleeping area .


The works of Mario Arlati and Manuel Alguerò enrich the environment. If the first evokes, by emotional synthesis, through lacerations, scratches, stratifications of colors and a gaudy brightness, the walls of the island of Ibiza, the second tells, through "explosions" of color and matter, his aesthetic research focused on identification of the point of union between the old and the new.


With a relaxing and enveloping atmosphere, the sleeping area lights up with vibrant shades thanks to a work by the Slovenian artist Cveto Marsic who sees in color an absolute way to communicate and transmit one's identity, counterpointing the rigorous volume of the storage unit HOUDINI by Roberto Lazzeroni that expresses the uniqueness of Giorgetti's cabinet-making tradition thanks to an external dress made up of a game of inlays in canaletto walnut or maple. A versatile proposal designed to have a fluid placement in the home from the living room to the sleeping area.


Time and its perception, the precariousness of the relationship between small and large, the fragility of nature and its species, are told in the ironic and surreal works of Stefano Bombardieri that close the exhibition.

Installation Views