19 October - 1 November 2022 DUBAI
Oblong Contemporary Gallery in Dubai is proud to present Anna Chekh for her debut art exhibition, Faceless, in collaboration with Skaya Art Agency, a Dubai-based boutique art consultant.
The pieces to be exhibited offer a mix of acrylic paint on canvas and sculptures in a bright and vibrant colourscape combining art and imagination. Threaded throughout the collection, a shadow and faceless man can be spotted. For Anna, the shadow man represents our alter ego who comes out unannounced, easy to find yet hard to recognize. 
The exhibition is open to the public from 19th October until 1st November. During the opening night on the 19th October, guests will have the opportunity to create a digital piece of art using elements of Anna’s work via a technology installation. Once they have completed their artwork, they will receive a digital copy via e-mail and they will be able to convert it in an NFT.
Anna Chekh is a contemporary artist whose art comes across in several diverse forms, from art on a canvas, digital art, NFT’s to performances. She embraces new technology techniques to create unique experiences of interactive art.  Anna’s art offers a blend of contemporary surrealism with expression. Throughout her art, she uses cartoonish characters who play a main role in her pieces, and she uses them to bring up social topics in her work. 
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