'From Fashion to Art: The Vogue Lesson' Exhibition


Iconic Italian artist Flavio Lucchini to showcase artworks at Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery with the exhibition 'From Fashion to Art: The Vougue Lesson'


The exhibition titled, ‘From Fashion to Art, the Vogue Lesson’ will feature works by Lucchini including classics and unpublished works of the artist, all of which together offer a fusion of Flavio’s professional journey to date and his continuous search for the meaning of the dress, created with different mediums and styles, including bronze resin, steel sculptures, paintings, bas-reliefs, digital-art and dematerialization themes through conceptual art, keeping the message constant.


Flavio Lucchini, art-director, editor-in-chief, artist and entrepreneur, undertaken activities with the same passion and dedication in different moments of his life. Creator of the most important Italian fashion magazines, during the long years in the artistic direction of Vogue Italia he launched Italian fashion supporting the greatest designers and innovating intensely the eld. Among the rst ones to experiment the bond between art and fashion, he presented various solo and collective exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, among which the 54th Biennale di Venezia and the great anthological dedicated to him inside the whole Palazzo Ducale of Sabbioneta, a cultural destination under UNESCO’s heritage. Flavio Lucchini, born in Mantua, attended the Faculty of Architecture in Venice and the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan. For thirty years he dedicated himself to fashion publishing and for the following thirty years exclusively to contemporary art. He is also the founder and president of Superstudio Group, hub dedicated to fashion photography art design and creativity. He lives between Milan, Paris and Dubai.

With consistency, but also with impatience and curiosity, Flavio Lucchini explores the women’s dress and everything it represents, beyond the ephemeral of fashion. His art-works pay homage to creativity, beauty, women through different means of expression, in a completely personal journey that he looked “from Canova to Jeff Koons”. Details of clothing, urban totems, dolls, idealized women, become sculptures in resin, bronze, steel, paintings, digital prints, bas- reliefs that speak about art but also of fashion and society, of the past and the future. A look to capture its mystery, from high fashion to abayas and burqas. Works created between 1990 and 2019.


“ I studied architecture and art, but I met fashion. The long experience at Vogue as artistic director made me understand that the dress can transform the woman into a divine creature and witness the times we live in. Beauty has become my artistic creed. Today we no longer speak about tailors or fashion designers, but about creatives and artists who imagine the dress as works-of-art of which the body is the basis. With the passage from the page to the material, I wanted to share the emotions that each dress has given me and that have accompanied me throughout my life. I like to imagine that my art-works can make you think beyond fashion, may be placed in a house or in a square in Dubai. ” - Flavio Lucchini

February 6, 2020