Flavio Lucchini


Flavio Lucchini was born in 1928, in Mantua, Italy.  Lucchini is known as the most influential character in fashion editing. He is the inventor of many important fashion magazines: Amica, Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue, Donna, Mondo Uomo, Moda and more. In the 1990’s, inspired by his fashion related collaborations; Lucchini began to blur the lines between art and fashion – creating sculptural pieces made of iron, steel, brass, amongst other materials. After 15 years of isolating himself in his studio, perfecting his works, he participated in his first exhibition. In 2004 he publishes the book “Dress-Art”, a life in fashion. In 2010 “From Fashion to Art: the Vogue Lesson” curated by Luca Beatrice, Edizioni Skira. 


In 2011 he is invited to Venice Biennale, to represent the Italian Pavillion. In 2012 he exhibits more than one hundred works in the anthological and institutional exhibition “On the dream of the body ‘living’” at the Palazzo Ducale, Sabbioneta (Mantua, Italy). 

Lucchini, currently, divides his time between Milan, where he has his studio, and Paris, where in his Saint-Germain home-gallery he focuses completely on his art.


“I move from classicism and new pop, in a sort of direct line between Canova and Jeff Koons. I’m interested in mystery, the magic of fashion, to glorify it and at the same time to desecrate it”