Enrico Ghinato


Italian artist Enrico Ghinato was born in 1955, in the province of Rovigo, Italy. Ghinato spent the first years of his infancy in Rovigo before moving to Milan where his father opened a mechanic shop, which sparked his passion formotors, trial motorbike rallies and classic cars.  He completed his education in Milan, and in 1974, he received his diploma from the Technical Institute of Milan. Whilst studying, he also fostered his enthusiasm for music, design, photography and working in his father’s shop. In 1978, Ghinato settled to marry his fiancé, Marisa and had two children. In this period, he dived his time between the family wholesale optical business and his painting.


Ghinato took on the challenge of transforming photographic images into color and form on canvas using oil painting techniques. He has adopted a hyper-realistic style which integrates optical effects and reflections of images onto canvas.  In 2003, Ghinato had his first solo exhibition in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Cheered on by critics and viewers his artistic style became a huge success.  In 2006, Ghinato collaborated with the City Hall of Lendinara and the automobile club, “Amici Auto d’epoca”, in a personal exhibition. Enrico Ghinato maintains his permanent residence and studio in Pieve di Cadore, Italy. His wife Marisa carries on her involvement in the family-run optical business and continues to be an important and influential companion for Enrico.