GOLD: Exhibition at Caesars Palace Dubai

1 Января - 31 Марта 2023 DUBAI
Caesars Palace Dubai and Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery on Bluewaters Island, Dubai give life to an exhibition project that involves the international artists of the Gallery. Housed within the luxurious resort, a series of shows will be held, the first of which has just opened, entitled GOLD, featuring the works of the artists like Gustavo Velez, Gianfranco Meggiato, Manu Alguerò and Flavio Lucchini.
Bluewaters Island is Dubai’s newest destination, landmarked by the world’s largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai and home to Caesars Palace Dubai and Oblong Contemporary Gallery, along with over 200 gourmet shops and concepts stores. In this amazing location of Dubai, art has become a leitmotif and one of the most popular protagonists.
Dubai is to all intents and purposes the new crossroads of the world, where cultures and histories, ancient and modern legacies converge, and new intercultural bridges, new assonances and visions are built. The confluence of the Caesars Palace Dubai brand and the identity of Oblong, which brings to Dubai the millennial heritage of an Italian area that has always thrived on art and beauty, tells of a perfect union born out of surprising coincidences.
The Italian inspiration of Caesars Palace is joined by the all-Italian history of the Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery brand, created at the behest of Gallerist Paola Marucci, a lady of art and a leading figure in the world of Italian entrepreneurship. Paola Marucci has brought all the charm, beauty and preciousness of marble and bronze sculpture to Dubai, through the works of a series of Italian and international artists from the city of Pietrasanta in Tuscany, her hometown, a land of marble and artistic foundries, whose roots go back to the period of the Roman Empire. The sculptors of ancient Rome were in fact supplied with marble in this area, and the great art of sculpture lives on, more exuberant than ever.
The exhibition is a brilliant and intensively evocative journey of explosions of colour, where the Gallery's artists tell their stories in the rooms and spaces provided to them.
Installation Views