Stefano Bombardieri was born in 1968, in Brescia, Italy. He is the son of sculptor: Remo Bombardieri, who engaged him in art since infancy. He acquired and refined his knowledge on art through the experimentation and use of artistic techniques with multiple materials in his father’s studio.


In his early years, Bombardieri focused on figurative sculpture and was greatly influenced by masters of the 20th century such as Boccioni and Balla - Futurist movement painters.  


Bombardieri’s later experiments led him to develop a deeply philosophical approach to art, choosing to focus on themes such as time and its perception, man and the meaning of existenceand the experience of pain in Western culture. Bombardieri has described his work as both minimal and conceptual, featuring a great mix of tools and artistic mediums, such as video-installation. 


His sculptures are large and mainly include wildlife as their subject matter such as: whales, rhinos, crocodiles and elephants. These large animals are suspended or trapped and crushed by mountains of luggage. They are entirely credible and have a realistic presence with carefully rendered details and plastic perfection of resemblance in a balanced stylistic complacency. Their life-like appearance represents the “truth” itself, making them surreal or disturbing – they address the relationship between reality and fiction, life and imagination, and the wider concept of artistic language.


Since the 1990s he has exhibited in both public spaces and galleries. His installations include those located in the center of Ferrara, Faenza, Bologna, Saint Tropez and Posdam. In 2009 he held his personal exhibition ‘The animals count down’ in the evocative setting of Pietrasanta. 


Aside from multiple group and solo exhibitions worldwide – he has participated several times in the Venice Biennale and his works have been displayed in major art galleries in Italy and abroad.


Bombardieri continues to work in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, England, Greece, Lebanon, USA