Face to Face

6 June - 30 July 2022 DUBAI

Oblong Contemporary Gallery in Dubai presents the group exhibition "Face to Face" by Manu Alguerò, Valerie Breuleux, Gavin Rain, Yinon Gal-On, Flavio Lucchini, Antonio Nocera, Serero Pop Art, Paolo Vegas, Youn Kyoung Cho, Igor Mitoraj, and Jiménez Deredia.


From the explosions of Algueró, to the Pop Art of Serero, to the photographs of Breuleux and Gal-On, and the girls of Kyoung Cho, "Face to Face" investigates a common denominator through the different techniques of the artists.


With portraits, looks, representations and homages to stars of the cinema, the exhibition reunites the creative expression of very different artists, but with one particular factor in common: the representation of the face. 





Installation Views