Oblong Implements a new technology: the virtual gallery


In such unprecendented times, where most of global countries are forced to quarantine following the wave of corona virus, art businesses face challenges in trying to attract the attention of art collectors who cannot leave the house, leave alone travel, anymore. 


Oblong Contemporary has decided to implement a new virtual gallery that allows art collectors, art lovers and followers to be inspired by art from their homes. The features of the new digital gallery allow the visitor to walk within the gallery, get informed on the artworks on display, and even measure the art pieces in case of interest. Technology assumes an important role: it is a mediator between art and the artist, and the oustide world. 


Oblong is enthusiastic to have embarked new technological ventures, and keeps providing artistic content through its digital channels. 


The world may have stopped, but art never does!





April 16, 2020